Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not sure how these two things fit together...

We have officially spent the last few days at our house suffering from The Great Epidemic of ‘08. Spence and Brynlee have both been infected by the stomach bug. And let me tell you it was a mean bug. A very, very mean bug! Let me be completely honest, I feel like I have been run over by a dreadfully large truck. A truck that after running over me, backed up to do it again. All the middle-of-the night comforting, cleaning up the “oh so close, but not quite to the toilet” messes and the 324 loads of laundry that The Great Epidemic has caused has knocked me three notches beyond exhaustion. Brynlee is asleep now. My husband is lying on the couch snuggling Jace and watching some crime show with the sound muted (Don’t ask me why! I’m guessing it’s for added suspense.) And I finally feel that I can relax. Let me tell you a few things that I have learned from The Epidemic of ‘08:
  • If your two-year-old wakes up at 2:00 in the morning complaining that her tummy feels funny. Don’t pick her up and snuggle her. Oh, please don’t pick her up and snuggle her. It’s gross.
  • The first time your little girl throws up she is not going to have a clue what just happened. The weirdness of it all may cause her to run and hid. Bless her little puking heart.
  • Washing an oversized down comforter and a pillow in the same load of wash may cause your washer to eject a bit a smoke.
  • If your child has thrown up four times during the night, and you are completely out of extra sheets and bedding, don’t resort to putting her in your bed. If it’s happened four times already it’s going to happen again. Promise. And it will only leave you with more bedding to wash.
Say a quick prayer for me (oh yeah, and for Spence and Brynlee) that all this fun ends soon. And in the mean time let me tell you about our wonderful weekend. On Sunday Spencer blessed our little Jace. It was a beautiful blessing and made me love my little guy that much more. I am so amazingly blessed to have such a wonderful husband and two breathtaking children. They really are my world. Thank you so much to all the friends and family that came to support us on Jace’s big day. It really did mean a lot to see so many members of the family there. Also, I have some great friends. Thanks Breah and Kali Jo. You guys rock! I also have to mention that we missed those of you that weren’t able to attend, I know that you would have loved to have been there.
The M. Family
The B. Family
Brookie, Alan and Jace

Spencer, Jace and Spence's dad

Me and Jace, My Dad and My Grandpa B.
Here is little Jace on his big day. Look at all the cute little faces that he pulls in these pictures. I think he might get the facial expressions from my side. Oh yeah, and his dad. I zoomed in a little closer for your viewing pleasure! Thanks again to everyone for making the trip down and I hope that none of you end up with The Great Epidemic of ’08.
See how I tied that all together there at the end? I’z gotz skillz.


sarah louise said...

You are a true writer tying it all in like that!

Usually it is only in the wee hours of the morning when all of my kids are puking their guts out that I question why I became a mom! I have good news and bad news...Bad news: This will not be the last time this happens to you (expect at least a dozen more times with each kid). Good news: They get a little older and can actually make it to the toilet sometimes (though a couple of weeks ago Gavin woke us up because he had thrown up leaning over the top bunk of the bunk bed. That was a real treat: top bunk, bottom bunk, floor, and splatter on the walls).

Your pictures made me laugh! Wish we could have been there!

That fourth picture of Jace in his blessing outfit...he looks just like Spencer! I swear Spence has a baby picture that looks just like Jace does in that one.

Woolf Family said...

the blessing looked fun Im sorry I couldn't be there.
I feel your pain try cleaning up throw up while having a seizure its not fun. Love ya hope everyone gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

Boy it's hard to notice where Jessica's husband is in the family picture. He really blends in.


Mikey and Anna said...

We may not have made it to the blessing (we wish we could have) but boy did we catch The Great Epidemic of '08. Lillie has been really sick since Sunday so I feel your pain.

Jessica said...

I just want to know who brought this nasty sickness to the blessing!!! We have all had and still have it!

Beth said...

Oh Kim, your week was much worse than mine. I don't know why I even complain. You are such a trooper.

Jen said...

So, at the clinic I work at people have been coming in puking their guts out for like a week. I hope that your epidemic did not last a week. And Jace is so adorable. Once again I want to brush his little fuzzy head against my cheek.

Miles Family said...

We have also experienced The Great Epidemic of '08. Jordan trough up so hard that he broke blood vessicles in both his eyes and in the skin around both eyes. So he looks really creepy right after Halloween is over.

Also I was trowing up for an hour and a half strait before he trough up, and guess who got to clean that up.
I am so proud of myself for only throwing up twice while cleaning up his throw up.

Lacy said...

u do gotz skillz :) i wish I was closer so I could help you with your exhaustion. For some reason puke doesn't bother me too badly.... wait, unless it's slimy. I don't like slime. The funny face comparison was oh so cute and funny.

Kali Jo said...

Oh man am i glad i only made it to the blessing part and not the dinner part. Sorry you got it and your sisters too it sounds like. Who ever said the whole having a seizure while cleaning up puke, try this one. Puking into a bucket,while sitting on the toilet while my poor husband had to hold me up because i was having a seizure. Oh yeah and i was pregnant with baby #2. No fun at all. so i sympathise with all who have or had the flu. Why is it that we moms still do all the cleaning up and stuff even when we are sick???

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