Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Photo Album: SLC + Temple Square

For Family Home Evening last night we picked up pizza and picnicked at the park. Afterwards Spence gave us a little lesson on work: learning to work hard and learning to love to work. I so appreciated his thoughts. If there is one thing in this world that my parents taught me - it was to be a hard worker. And Spence’s parents too. I hope that Spencer and I are able to etch that same dedication of work into our children.

Today we are heading to Idaho Falls for back to school shopping. (Jessica moved back to Idaho!) (That makes me so happy.) Anyway, we will be slumber partying at Jessica’s house and doing school shopping in shifts. Brynlee is so excited! She so loves and looks forward to our little yearly back to school shopping date. Jace, on the other hand, could care less! But nonetheless he will go. And try on pants, and shoes, and pick out shirts at my request. Without two words of complaint. Because, that’s just who he is. Bless his little pleasing heart. We went and picked up new school shoes yesterday afternoon. He walked straight into the shoe store, grabbed the first pair of shoes that looked similar in size to his foot and declared them his new school shoes. He didn’t even want to look at any other options. Unlike Brynlee, who tried on every pair and then decided that there weren’t shoes in the whole entire store that fit her feet and style properly. Typical girl vs. boy shopping trip I suppose.

Eight more days ‘till school starts. Summer is gasping its last breath. And with school registration, back to school night and things like PTA meetings and soccer practice on our schedule I can already feel real life resurfacing. Plus, the weather as of late has made me long for fall. Fall is the perfect going away party for summer. Don’t you agree?

Anyway, more blog catch-up. This time it’s a photo dump of our little Salt Lake get-a-way at the end of July:

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