Wednesday, September 4, 2013


No 8.23|1
||family reunion||

No 8.23|2
||eight of twelve||

No 8.24|1
||it’s what fun is, lagoon||

No 8.24|2
||cousins, brynlee and eva||

No 8.24|3
||the bat and the boy||

No 8.25|1

No 8.25|2
||all by myself||

No 8.26|1
||jace, zayne and their favorite hang-out spot||

No 8.26|2
||freezer corn, step one||

No 8.26|3
||my picking corn sidekick||

No 8.27|1
||suspended bridge||

No 8.28|1
||first day, second grade||

No 9.3|1
||first day, preschool||


Yea! that I took a [picture a day] all summer long.
Not yea that [summers over].
Just in case you needed clarification.
But summer is over still the same.
And life just keeps on keeping on.
And someday I am going to write some actual words on this blog and tell you all about it.
I've sorta missed writing actual words.

Until then,
happy September, happy end of summer, happy start of school, happy day!!

||#summergram2013: a daily photo collection documenting summer 2013||


Jaelynn said...

I really love the picture of Marie with the corn on her head. She looks so grown up!

Jaelynn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jaelynn said...

I don't know why it showed my comment twice. Whoops!

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