Monday, July 22, 2013


No 7.12|1
||my people made me breakfast in bed!||

No 7.12|2
||our tenth year as mr. and mrs.||

No 7.13|1
||building fence||

No 7.13|2
||hired help||

No 7.14|1
||backyard picnic||

No 7.14|2
||it was bigger than my palm, and it hung out all day in our backyard||

No 7.15|1
||my very last visit||
||i love you grandpa, thank you for your life, your love and your example. you will always be one of my favorite heroes. after you are done kissing grandma, find sweet maycie laine, and tell her that we love her||

No 7.15|2
||bryn + brynlee||

No 7.16|1
||bad hair day||

No 7.16|2
||my girlies||

No 7.17|1
||it’s raining outside||

No 7.17|2
||soaked entirely||

No 7.18|1
||ready, set, handstand||

No 7.18|2
||the little lady||

||#summergram2013: a daily photo collection documenting summer 2013||


Megan Bailey said...

Happy 10 years!

Jami said...

That breakfast looks amazing! 10 yrs?! Dang you guys are getting to be old love birds ;), and that picture of grandpa had me shedding some tears! What a sweet reunion, I am sure he is having with grandma! ...IF I really stop and think about it, I cant wait to be there!!! Especially to meet and give little Maycie loves! Your pictures are all so cute! Marlee cracks me up everytime I see her! She is such a firecracker!

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