Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I’ll be 38 weeks tomorrow. I delivered Brynlee at 37 weeks, 3 days and Jace at 37 weeks, 4 days so I am officially treading uncharted waters. I’ve never been this pregnant before. The doc says I’m dilated to a 3 and 25% effaced and I’ve been having all the same labor signs I experienced with the first two, but nothing yet. My guts telling me I still have time though. Weeks, maybe. And I think I’m okay with that {like I have a choice, right.}

Kindergartens over. I can’t believe that this fall will bring 1st grade for Brynlee and preschool for my boy. Holy Shmoly!

Today Brynlee told me that on the last day of school Joshua told Kylee to tell Brynlee that he thought she was sweet and hot! {heaven help us} I asked Brynlee what that meant and she said it meant that Joshua wanted to be her friend. I agreed, and we left it at that. It was an unwanted reminder though - my babies won’t always be babies.

Jace is about 187 different kinds of 3 year old excited to be a big brother. His excitement makes me so happy. Last night on an evening stroll around the golf course he asked how the baby would ever get unstuck from mama’s tummy! I answered that the doctor would help her get unstuck. It obviously wasn’t the answer he was looking for and so questions after question he dug for more details. Finally fulfilled – or annoyed enough with Spence and I’s beating around the bush answers – he changed the subject. Phew!

Brynlee is constantly making me smile with an endless supply of love notes. Biggest perk to a young child learning to read and write if you ask me. Nothing says I love you like a creatively spelled love letter. My favorite as of late was the pipe cleaner and construction paper bouquet of flowers. They still sit proudly displayed on the sofa table in the front room.

Jace has taken a temporary break from his bin of superhero’s and has instead been toting around his little guys – a random collection of small stuffed animals. Today after an afternoon at the park he told me that we needed to hurry home because his little guys were having a party without him. {And then he started beat boxing party music – just like his dad always does. Those two are one in the same.}

My neighborhood is a constant buzz of golf carts. My freezer is stocked with Otter Pops. My flowers are growing {well, except the ones the squirrels dug up. little butts.} And we got sunburns today. Bring it on summer. We’ve been waiting for you.


KERRY said...

Wow! 38 weeks? Where did that time go? I guess for you though it hasn't gone as fast but for us reading your posts it has :)
How very exciting, I can't wait to hear the happy news!!
I can't believe you have squirrels in your backyard just running around, I would be totally smitten with them. We only get birds, nothing as exciting as a cute little squirrels :)
And I agree, hand written love notes from your child is the sweetest!
Great post, I loved catching up on things happening in your life xo

kylee said...

nooooo, a kidergartner did not just call another kindergartner she is hot! i am dying right now! the best part is the translation meaning just friends. i feel like the dating world never gets better, it's still the whole i think you're hot but let's just be friends thing only on a far more excruciatig level. that was my round about way of saying a certain somebody needs to just want to date me already, this "just friends" crap isn't working anymore.

Jaelynn said...

Of course that cute girl has the guys swooning over her already!

And I would really love to hear Jace and his party music sometime... He just cracks me up!

Well tell that little girl to get here already... Chlo is ready to meet her new cousin!

Jessica said...

Jace makes me laugh! Have the baby tomorrow please!

Kimberlee said...

Sure Jessica, for you I'll do it. No prob.

Lindsey Lou said...

Happy to hear your pregnancy is coming to a close and a cute little baby will be joining your family soon:)

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