Saturday, March 17, 2012

He said:

I had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday {glucose test, gag me!} and afterwards Jace and I treated ourselves to a lunch of soup and sandwiches at Subway. While we were eating a heavier –much heavier- woman walked in. Wearing red.

Jace laughs to himself and using his best should only be used outside voice exclaims, “Mommy look, her tummy looks just like Kung Fu Panda!”

I was slow on my reaction so he repeats again, louder this time and pointing, “The lady wearing red. Do you see her? Right there, her tummy looks just like Kung Fu Panda!”

An hour later I was still hiding under the Subway table, vowing not to come out without a scarf and sunglasses.

In less embarrassing news we are wearing green and hunting leprechauns today. Happy St. Patty’s Day!


Jami said...

HAHAHAA! He is such a crack shoulda told about his "funnies" AT the docs office ;)!

Jessica said...

I want to hear the funnies at the Dr office! And Jace you are hilarious!!!

Jaelynn said...

That kid!! Oh man. And I also want to hear about what happened at the Dr. Office! Fill us in!

Debbie said...

Oh heavens - kids! I have wanted to crawl under a table or two myself sometimes. Oh and the Glucose test - all I can say is I feel your pain. I hated those and had to use meditation to keep the stuff down and not throw up in the waiting area.

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