Friday, February 3, 2012

Oh My Quotable Friday: Writing it down

::For Christmas 2010 my siblings and I scanned, organized and photo albumed
all the pictures that filled my parents cedar chest. 
It was such a great Christmas present.
And as a bonus we ended up with a digital copy of all our childhood photos.
And completely unrelated, my house stinks of Vicks VaporRub. Serves me right, really. Just this week I was bragging to my mom that my little family had hardly gotten sick this winter season. Aside from pregnancy sickness, but that doesn’t count. And then, just to mock me, the very next day we were a sneezy, coughy, watery mess. I’m planning on calling mom today and mentioning that we haven’t won the lottery in a sweet forever {as in never}. Fingers crossed that we are millionaires before the weekends end.

We are taking a sick day today. Aside from an emergency run to the closest grocery store for necessities: children’s tylenol, orange juice and maybe a Redbox or two, we are locking ourselves in. Wearing sweats, snuggling by the fire, eating soup, reading stories and hoping to get our little selves all better so we can carry on with our weekend plans. There’s a party for baby Chloe on Sunday – and we so want to be there.


Anonymous said...

Do you own a scanner or did you take them somewhere? I would love to do that with some of our old pre-digital photos!!!
Hope everyone feels better soon.

Jami said...

You did MOST the work!!! That is one sexy picture of Kate and I! Will you split the winnings with me? I could use a few extra dollars! Hope you guys get better and I hope we do too...but it wouldnt be a party without SOMEBODY being sick!

Jaelynn said...

I hope you guys get feeling better!! We want to see you!!

Beth said...

I was sick this week too. And I had to get my sexy bed head self out of bed to get Ben from school. I wore sunglasses to hide the fact that I had just stumbled out of bed. I don't think I fooled anyone!

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