Thursday, January 26, 2012

News of the ultrasound sorts

Baby #3. Looks just like daddy.
So we had the ultrasound yesterday.

Here’s what I overheard:
+Daddy, our baby looks like Skeletor. {Brynlee}
+Ummm, why does the baby have no clothes on. {Jace}
+Dad, how can she tell if it’s a boy or a girl? {Brynlee}
+So, is our baby a boy, or a girl, or a butterfly, or a toot? {Jace – that little punk and his little boy potty mouth, seriously.}

Here’s what we learned:
+That there is only one baby.
+That the heart has four chambers and it is beating healthy. {Yea!}
+That the spine looks great.
+That my due date is June 15th.
+And, that baby is measuring just as it should.

Here’s what we didn’t learn:
+The sex.

Little stinker sat on his/her feet the entire time. Well, except for about 30 seconds when he/she did half a backwards somersault with arms behind the head in sit-up position. But during that time the cord was placed perfectly between his/her legs. 

The ultrasound tech said that I was just going to have to wait for delivery for the gender discovery.

Um, right.

This mama can’t do that. I just can’t. It’s like trying to decorate for a wedding without knowing the bride’s wedding colors. Or trying to pack for a vacation when you don’t know the destination. I mean, sure it’s doable. But it seems like it doubles your work load. You have to wash and prep the clothes from the pink totes AND the blue totes. You have to come up with and agree on two separate names, just in case. Plus, I’ve never been a fan of green and yellow and smiling yellow duckies weird me out.
Like I've mentioned before, I wish a pregnacy test had a pink positive for a girl and a blue positive for a boy. So naturally I’m hoping to sneak a second peak in the next week or so. But until then, care to share. Did you find out the sex of your baby(s)? I’m super curious.


Jami said...

awe...cute little baby anyways! Hope you get to find out soon!

Miranda said...

Curse you for not having twins!

I kid. And am so happy to hear about all of the healthiness.

Z wasn't revealing her sex when we had our first ultrasound either. We were living in Denver so I went ahead and got myself a fancy pants private ultrasound where you are guaranteed to find out the sex or your money back!

Not find out the sex of my baby? Pff...yeah right.

KERRY said...

What a perfect little bubba you have cooking!!
With my first I didn't find out, but with the second two I did. Curiousity always gets the better of me lol
I hope you get to have another ultrasound soon so you start planning pink or blue ;)

The Staley Family said...

Our little Atlee would not disclose that info either. At first I was super upset! I finally was okay with the idea (only I don't like neutral clothes either!) then Dr said we could take a peek if we wanted- Heck Ya! So we did find out, but I kind of think it would be fun to just get surprised now having one of each so I know I was covered no matter what. However, I know if it came down to it and they asked I would totally want to know! I kept telling myself healthy baby is all that really matters. But dang it, it is nice to know! Ha! Ha! Jace makes me laugh!

Jessica said...

Even if you could wait . . . I doubt mom could stand it!!!

Lindsey Lou said...

So happy to see a healthy little baby, but I want to know the sex too! I hope our little one isn't shy because it will kill me to wait from our 20 week to our 36 week ultrasound.

mammabug said...

Kim, you better lay down the law with this kid now before they have you eating out of the palm of their little hand.

Glad things are looking good!

Katie said...

I found out with my babies (in fact, it was our regular mid-way ultrasound that revealed that we were having twins and there was a good reason I was so huge). My sister Kari found out with her first and second babies, but chose not to find out with her third. It was fun for us all to anxiously wait the phone call to let us know after the delivery whether we were right in our speculations. I do think that if you or your husband is wanting one gender over another, finding out before the delivery is a good idea.

Leenie said...

Looks like you've got a modest baybeh in your womb! Our two boys... yeah.. not so modest. But we found out with both. Kinda tempted to keep it a little secret with this next one though.

Anyway, I'm happy to know things are going well! Hopefully the babe comes around to showing off soon. ;)

TJ and Jessica said...

Kim, I just can't get over how excited I am for you!!! You are such an amazing mommy and when I was pregnant I was so excited to have play dates with you. We'll just have to take trips to see each other once Craiggers is healthy so we can have our play dates :) Your baby is adorable already! Little stinker was playing a trick on you, I guess that means you're in for it :)
And YES! I had to find out the gender! There's no way I couldn't! But now that I have one of each I'd like to think the next time I get pregnant I'll wait, but who am I kidding??

Rachel said...

I am very happy for you! how exciting!!! I did the same thing Mandy did with Lucy, she was being difficult the day of our ultra sound so about a week later I went to a place in the South Towne Mall in Utah and had one done, it was 60$ and so so worth it. Then I went shopping and bought all kinds of girly clothes!

Jaime said...

We actually chose to not find out the sex of our first one--a little psychotic, I realize, but it was super fun and memorable to hear Tyler say "it's a girl" right after delivering her--and to call everyone and tell them. Plus, I like green and yellow. A lot. Worked out well for our first also because we got all the typical baby shower gifts and then everyone was so happy to find out the gender, that we recieved a whole 'nother round of gifts! :) That being said, I totally found out for my second one. And always will from here on out. I think I became more anal or something?

sarah louise said...

Had a dream last night that you had a girl. (you might want to put a lot of stock in know dreams and my family = totally true)

Kamilla said...

Man! This kid is torturing you already! Hopefully you will find out for sure next time. I am sure you are just dying to know. I so feel your pain! Good luck. Loves!

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