Monday, April 21, 2008

Trust Me I Do This All the Time

A few weeks ago (okay, really about 7 years ago, but it makes me sick to think how fast time goes) I was making a big move from my first college apartment into a duplex with my friend Kali Jo. Spencer volunteered to come and help me do the heavy lifting, plus he had a truck so I couldn’t help but accept. In the middle of our packing I looked over and saw that like a true man, Spencer had stacked my stereo and all of my speakers into on huge pile so he wouldn’t have to take any unnecessary trips to the truck. As he carefully made his way down the stairs I volunteered to take half his load in an attempt to save my stereo from any major damage. Spencer gave me a quick smirk and replied, “Trust me I do this all the time.” Within seconds my speakers were on the sidewalk and Spencer was trying to balance what was left of his load. From that moment on that became Spencer’s slogan, and if you ask me it fits him well.

Years later we saw a shirt with Spencer’s motto on it and because of the irony we were forced to buy it. Whenever he wears it, it’s guaranteed that somebody will say, “That is such a Spencer shirt” or “Where did you get that? That shirt was made for Spencer.”

The other day Spencer and Brynlee were playing outside and I was inside trying to work my magic and mix up something for dinner. I heard a lot of noise from the backyard area, so like any mother would I dropped everything I was doing, grabbed my camera, and headed out to see what was going on. This is what I captured…you can’t tell me that Spencer doesn’t have that “trust me I do this all the time” twinkle in his eyes!!



Our Bingham Family Blog said...

Don't let Grandma Branch see that...she will flip out :)!!! Looks like Brynn was having fun..

sarah louise said...

That slogan is so Spencer!

I wish I inherited his laid back, everything is good attitude!

Anonymous said...

Oh my need to put that on You Tube. Hilarious!

Lacy said...

hmmm, I thought I had made a lovely comment about how much I loved this video, especially the part where spencer says "how can that possibly be dangerous" I wonder where it went, or where I actually left the comment. hmmm Derek thought it was hilarious as well.

Jami said...

HAHA! Once again backblog stalking you! I figured out WHY Brynlee is no scaredy cat when it comes to LAGOON and rides and stuff! Her dad taught her young!! WICKED is nothing compared to that!!

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